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  • :p More times than not, Chrage Beam gives the stat boost that is needed for it to become a real sweeper.
    I figured as much. When you seen Blissey, I'm guessing you knew I was going to try and just stall you out.

    GG. You still came close to making a comeback.

    *side note* The Jolteon that abused you early on in the battle was one of your breeds. :p
    Yes. I was actually about to go looking for one. Thanks for saving me the trouble. :p

    See you on. GL and HF.
    That was all. The Raikou's only differ with their HP's. One is Ice, one is Grass, one is Ground. The Suicune's are both HP Electric, but one has a Speed IV of 3 (for Trick Room).
    Yes, we can trade now. 2 of the Raikou have PokeRus, but otherwise, all of them are UT.

    I'll see you on shortly.
    It just finished, but you are gone. I'll check and see if you are over on PE2K.
    I'm using either MetalKid's or Psypoke. Google will bring up both. I have to use the daycare to level them up. :-( It takes forever to get a decent approximate IV range.
    You mean the Boroturosu thingie? (The names! Aaaaah! Confusing names, lol). Yeah, but since it's a legend and roaming, I guess I may wait on the RNG getting cracked.

    Edit: and thank you for the eagle baby.
    I have to breed one. I'll send you a VM tomorrow. It's late here and I only managed to get onto the computer really late to check my emails. But now I have to go to bed.
    Yeah, as mattj below me said, the problem with the AR is universal and mattj explains it better than I. But trust us, when it is fixed we will let all of Smogon know!!!

    Thanks for being willing to trade. Since I won't be getting White until the English version it will be great to have a White trade partner!
    Yeah, actually, about the ARDS incompatability. Could you read THIS post I made on another forum, and go HERE and send Datel (the company that makes AR) a similar email? The more people that complain to them about it in detail, the quicker they will release a fix for it. They released a fix for it in Japan, they just need to do the same for all of us here.
    Hey there. I am a new buddy of mattj that is assisting in the Datel issue. I also have Black and hopefully will be able to get certain Pokemon from you if you are willing. When I get a Baruchai I will hold on to it for you for some White exclusives if that sounds good? Currently I am getting close to the 4th gym so I am getting there...
    Home for like 5 mins.

    Nah! Haha! I couldn't forget about you! x)

    I have Black, but I haven't even started it. I'm dealing with the ARDS/BlackandWhite incompatibility problem first. When I do get one, sure you can have one. You got White? If you get the other one, I could use a copy too. ;)
    Anything for you bro. However, it'll have to wait till tomorrow evening. Crazybusy tonight. Ten hour work day, shower, eat, help my brother move, etc... @_@
    All right, will do. Are the Baruchais specific to Pokemon Black? I haven't found a list showing which pokes are on which games.
    Yeah, I know. I think they did three for trading options, but they still have to transfer one at a time.
    Isn't it cool that the love ball is still a love ball? I'm so glad GameFreak didn't waste all that effort catching HGSS pokes in special balls.
    I'm on wifi, but I don't see you. I'll go out to make sure I put your code in right.
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